A not so typical Valentine’s Day outfit

To be honest, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. I choose to celebrate love every single day.

So, that’s why I kinda prefer not to go so ‘fancy’ in this day, when it seems that everybody is going crazy, and it’s so much agitation going on.

Buuut, they say you just CAN’T  let this day going on without doing something special with your loved one. So, if I realy have to obey this rule, a casual, lovely and relaxing brunch would be more than enough for me. And this would be my outfit: nothing too much, but a little bit of red here and there,some sexy factor given by those over-the-knee boots, matched with the so popular fishnet stockings, a touch of flower embroidery aaand here we are! A perfect date, for me! Some flowers, chocolate and this is it!



Jacket HERE

Turtleneck Sweater HERE

Leather Skirt HERE

And don’t forget about the accessories that will complete this whole new look!


Boots HERE



Fishnet Stockings HERE

The white T-shirt and the black slip dress

This is a combination that seems one of the most prefered by celebrities. As shown above, Inna, Adelina Pestrițu,Ilinca Vandici, are only some of the romanian stars that choose to wear such an outfit. It is in trend, it combines interesting and different items in a surprising way, but is it original? Actually, is it still in trend?  Continue reading

25$ for accessories

If you think 25$ is not too much, what would you say if I’d tell you that it was enough to buy a bag, a necklace and a wristwatch? Pretty surprising, right? Well, not if we are talking about CNdirect.

This is a website that I discovered relatively recently. I would discribe it as an online shopping mall, because it has everyhting you would need. I was amazed by the prices and thought I would give it a try. So that’s how I placed my first order.SV009922-2-cndirect

My attention was captured by this bag, which looks so expensive, like an high-end brand, but it was only 12$. I can wait to see it in reality and I’m sure it will be a very worn item.


Continue reading

Help me place my first order on NEWCHIC

It seems that my addiction for online shopping is on again. What else can I do that accepting it and take advantage of it! 🙂
So, in my serach for a new online fashion store, I found NewChic, whic is more like an online mall, with everything you want and need, from jewelry, hats and sunglasses, to dresses and leather jackets, for women, men, and kids.

So here am I, planning to place my first order on this site. I will try to stick to a certain sum of money, so my limit is 50$, for the beginning.  I choosed some really interesting items, and I have to say, these are so nice and unique. And that’s the best part of it: it is harder to find someone that has the same item as me!

Click on the pics to see the prices and other details, or the items on different colours:


Backpack HERE Continue reading

Draga Iepuras, nu uita sa treci pe la PPT

Astazi mergeam grabita pe strada, printre picaturi de ploaie si umbrele cenusii. Ma indreptam spre casa. Printre gandurile mele, s-a ivit si o intrebare:”Ce cadouri voi cumpara celor dragi de Paste?”. Tocmai realizasem ca mai sunt cateva zile, iar eu, cu toate treburile si grijile mele, uitasem de cadouri.

Ne mai putem permite sa (ne) oferim cadouri in ziua de astazi?In prezent, suntem martori cum cheltuielile cresc, pe masura ce veniturile scad. Este acesta un motiv bun pentru a ne refuza micile placeri? Ei bine, PPT este magazinul care ne scuteste de astfel de intrebari, pentru ca are preturi pentru tine. Poate parea incredibil, dar incaltaminte de la 9,99 lei, blugi de la 19,99 lei sau rochii de la 13,99 lei, sunt o realitate. Din experienta proprie pot afirma ca este foarte simplu sa alcatuim o inteaga tinuta, compusa din piese moderne si calitative, avand la dispozitie 100 de lei.

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A fashionable accessory-The hat

If last week we talked about a new trend- the leather backpack, this week is all about an accessory that returned in our modern years, under a different form. If in the past, the hat was preferred for more elegant and fancy outfits, today we add one whenever we want to add an interesteing detail and to complete our looks, no matter if we are wearing a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, a leather jacket, or all of them combined.

I started to adopt this style last summer, when I bought my very first black hat. I love it, but it is more for summer and now I want to make a small collection, so I started to search for more fashionable hats, something with wider brims, and made of a thicker material, that  I can wear for my chic outfits.

If you want to see my whishlist, here it is: (CLCIK ON THE PICTURES OR ON THE WORDS ‘HERE’)






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The leather backpack-the latest trend

Have you ever heard a woman telling she has too many bags and she doesn’t know what to do with all of them? I don’t think so, and I’m sure about it! So am I: in the last perod I feel I have not even half of the bags I want, so I started to search for beautiful items.

If normally a bag is a huge investition, I can proudly say I’ve found the perfect alternative, and if you would say a bag cost a fortune, I am here to tell you the opposite thing. Even though I encourage investing in a high-quality bag,  not every woman has a priority in this, but don’t worry, everyone can have her beautiful bag, at a reasonable price.

The new trend nowadays is the leather backpack. Honestly, when I was little I couldn’t stand it! I remember I had a leather black backpack that I used to take to school and I was so embarassed. Now I realise it was such a pity, and , ironically!, now I want so bad to have one..

It is such a trendy item, so modern, who would ever think I will love it so bad? Actually, it’s is also very practical: I could take all my books with me, and everything I need for the whole day, not to mention when I am travelling and a bag would be too heavy for me to carry it only on one shoulder.Plus, have you seen how many gorgeous models are on the market?

And this are only some of the backpack I’ve found and I fell in love with, even after I saw the price!
Click HERE


Click HERE


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Click HERE

Which one would you buy? Or try these ones!

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Nothing could stop our steps of becoming fashionable.

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