A not so typical Valentine’s Day outfit

To be honest, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. I choose to celebrate love every single day.

So, that’s why I kinda prefer not to go so ‘fancy’ in this day, when it seems that everybody is going crazy, and it’s so much agitation going on.

Buuut, they say you just CAN’T  let this day going on without doing something special with your loved one. So, if I realy have to obey this rule, a casual, lovely and relaxing brunch would be more than enough for me. And this would be my outfit: nothing too much, but a little bit of red here and there,some sexy factor given by those over-the-knee boots, matched with the so popular fishnet stockings, a touch of flower embroidery aaand here we are! A perfect date, for me! Some flowers, chocolate and this is it!



Jacket HERE

Turtleneck Sweater HERE

Leather Skirt HERE

And don’t forget about the accessories that will complete this whole new look!


Boots HERE



Fishnet Stockings HERE


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