25$ for accessories

If you think 25$ is not too much, what would you say if I’d tell you that it was enough to buy a bag, a necklace and a wristwatch? Pretty surprising, right? Well, not if we are talking about CNdirect.

This is a website that I discovered relatively recently. I would discribe it as an online shopping mall, because it has everyhting you would need. I was amazed by the prices and thought I would give it a try. So that’s how I placed my first order.SV009922-2-cndirect

My attention was captured by this bag, which looks so expensive, like an high-end brand, but it was only 12$. I can wait to see it in reality and I’m sure it will be a very worn item.


SV005997-1-cndirectI loved the simplicity of this necklace, but also the nice, sophisticated and precious look it has. I think is not too much, but definitely, it is a chic piece.

Necklace HERE

LPQ001278-3-cndirectAnd the last thing I got was a silver wristwatch, which, to be honest, I am kinda afraid won’t fit my small wrist, but there’s nothing that can’t be done about it. I loved how the little rhinestones make it looks more expensive, but without taking away that elegant appearance.

Watch HERE

And that is my first order on CNdirect, stay tuned for the first unboxing. Can’t wait! Xx


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