Help me place my first order on NEWCHIC

It seems that my addiction for online shopping is on again. What else can I do that accepting it and take advantage of it! šŸ™‚
So, in my serach for a new online fashion store, I found NewChic, whic is more like an online mall, with everything you want and need, from jewelry, hats and sunglasses, to dresses and leather jackets, for women, men, and kids.

So here am I, planning to place my first order on this site. I will try to stick to a certain sum of money, so my limit is 50$, for the beginning. Ā I choosed some really interesting items, and I have to say, these are so nice and unique. And that’s the best part of it: it is harder to find someone thatĀ hasĀ the same item as me!

Click on the pics to see the prices and other details, or the items on different colours:


Backpack HERE

Black cap HERE
Floral cap HEREĀ 


Earrings HERE
Sneakers HERE



Lipstick HERE
Makeup brushes set HERE

Mermaid blanket HERE
Dress HEREĀ 

Now, do you believe me when I’m saying that everything is so unique? From the lighting earrings, fluorescent sneakers, to the girly dresses, the lipstick that everyone is freaking out about right now, or that mermaid blanket.
What do you think is the more interesting? Let me know and don’t forget to see more HERE.Ā Happy shopping!


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