#Blogger Tips

Another article from the “How to get material benefits from your passion for fashion” comes with the same opportunity I told you in many of my articles: Shein Publisher Programe.

To beggin with, what is this? (Find out HERE. )

After we have everything clarified, here are some tips on how to get more comissions!

Your comissions depends on the number of clicks you get per post. So the most important thing is what you decide to promote and, even more important, how you do this. The whole secret is to make the post a very attractive one, to include photos, to be attentive at every detail. Don’t exaggerate and keep a balance between the text and photos, this way you’ll keep the reader interested.

The same thing can be applied for driving sales, too. Add, to all of this, another idea of getting clicks. Posting outfits, with different items and a large variaty of styles, can also help you to bring a lot of sales.

All in all, it all depends on how much you write, on the number of posts approved. Don’t miss any chance, and try to write for every promotion available.

Finally, I’ll end my article with some of the item that are on my whishlist right now. Can I have them all, please?

1452159745374317800Shoes HERE


Bagpack HERE


Shirt HERE

Blouse HERE


Dress HERE




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