SheIn Shopping Tips!

…And then everything changed when I discovered online shopping.

And now I’m practising it 2 times a month, when I buy about 5 pieces. Not/ too much? I can’t say… All I know is that my wardrobe is getting smaller, as long as my passion and need for cloths is getting higer!

SheIn is the online shop that allows me to express my love for fashion, and helps me bring right at my home, the newest items. I think I’ve discovered it 2 years ago, maybe (?), and, I have to say, was a little bit scared to order at first. Everything changed when I saw a gorgeous cardigan and couldn’t resist without having it. And here I am now, waiting for another 2 orders for this month! (Can’t wait to finally have them!!!)

And, as I tell you about this site in maaany of my posts and I realised that this is a theme very searched on my blog, I decided to write this article to answer to all your questions and make you understand that there’s no reason you shouldn’t order from SheIn!

How to make an order
Everything is so easy! All you have to do is:
-first go here;

-choose the item you want;

-select, by only a click, the colour, size and quantity;
!!! Be careful with your size! Every item has a detailed presentation and you can also check the size reference page, to see how you should measure.

-click the shopping bag, review your order and then choose “pay now”–> “continue checkout”;

-create an account, or log in, if you already have one; then complete your buyer information, shipping and payment option. Click “Continue Checkout” to make the payment;

-you can also add a coupon code or pay with points, or add some others requirements;

-Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your order information.

How can you pay?
1.Credit Card (VISA & MasterCard)
3.Western Union
4.Wire Transfer

Everything is secure and fast.

When will your order arrive?
This depends on the country you are from. However, on the “My order” section, you can track your order and see where your parcel is. If you choose Express shipping, or if your order is more than 99$, your order will arrive faster and at your door. With regular shipping it takes a little bit more at the order arrives at the customs post or the local one.

My experience
As  my orders from SheIn are numerous and I have never had any inconveniences with the cloths, I can highly reccomend you this site! You can finally have the cloths you see on red carpets or at the most famous bloggers, all in the comfort of your house. My advice is just to be careful with the measurements, look carefully at the product and at the description (you can also see the other buyers’s reviews and pictures), and be patient with the shipping.

And here’s what I was thinking to include in my next order: (click on the pictures to order the product)
1445331971445941631 1445584453663696125 1445851342791049274 1445935124940440513 1446430544217133414 1446628544165858140


2 thoughts on “SheIn Shopping Tips!

  1. Tamara says:

    Dear SHEIN, I got information:This is an automated email to notify you that your order BZB9868 with the following item(s) blazer160906701, dress160906702, has shipped on 20th December. When I go to My orders part on your site, there is nothing to show my order, it is empty. How can I track my order and see where it is now?


    • Andree says:

      Hello, Tamara!
      Normally, you shoud log in on your account, then check your orders. If you say there’s nothing, I think you should better contact Shein, on the site there is a live chat, and they will help you 🙂


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