I’m obsessed…

…with fashion, beauty, burgundy, dark green, music, love, fragrances, skinny jeans, hot tea, chololate, donuts, bags, the idea of perfection. Oh, and let’s not forget about embroidered cloths, something that is getting again in trend.

Maybe many of you know that my country, Romania, is known for such kind of prints and manual applied embroidery. Traditional blouses, called “ie”/”ii” (for plural), are embelished with bright colours, with beautiful models and sewings, all made by hand. And I wasn’t that surprised when I saw blouses with this inspiration on online fashion stores, as these are so, so beautiful, boho-chic, and every woman would feel amainzing wearing one! As the ones bellow:PicMonkey Collage   Find them all here

What I recently discovered, was something like an obsession for a specific jacket, originaly from Zara. Every blogger, every star, every one seemed to have one. I didn’t took me too much to realised I NEED ONE IN MY LIFE! Definitely! But when I saw the price… you know…
My solution came when

When I found the same jacket, actually in two different models, on the online fashion store I am always buying from, at a more than reasonable price. As I saw in the comments, it seems that the quality is the same and now I just can’t wait to place the order and have mine delivered to my house. I am planning to wear it in a very inportant shooting for me 😀

But maybe you got curious, so here are the jackets I was talking about:
                     HERE1440747260287871552                      HERE

Perfection, right?

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