Go with the flow

f7a51f6e1b55b70d2b3edfd1b7bff9b4I recently realised that autumn is my fovourite season, in what concerns fashion. In the first days of september, I can match any kind of shorts, with tassels, lace, ripped or sequined, with long cardigans and hats, and create a fabulous, simple outfit. And I can do the same with a dress that I would normally wear on summer. When the weather it’s getting cold, boots are such a nice idea, especially on rainy, cloudy days (like this one). I feel like I have so many new cloths I can try and combine, more than in any season, thanks to the complex weather conditions.

And this year, I started to add new trends to my style and to fill my wardrobe with even more new cloths (Thank you, online shopping, for existing! ) And here are the trend I adopted:

Earth tones

Including shades of brown, dark green and burgundy, oh burgundy…
*****(click on the photos )1441266460027599117 1441266465201224226 1441268376717250284


This is such a inovation in fashion! It’s incredible how some pretty, playful tassels, can change the whole aspect of your outfit and change a cloth from boring to unique.1441336517517548860 1441614862390662397 1441615658345073052


I don’t mind when outside it’s cloudy or windy, because I know I can finally get all these outwears out from the farthest corners of my wardrobe. It gives a complete different touch to the outfit, and add that something that makes everything. Especially when you choose an embroidered coat, a military one, or a knit cardigan, like the ones bellow.1440748126827723709 1441097513415473623 1441252479991414071 1441355458736063025

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