Outfit ideas for these unexpected rainy days

The weather was so, but so hot last week. And I loved it! I am definitely a summer person. But suddenly everything changed. Cold, rain, clouds.. my hands started to get cold, I could feel the wind through my hair. Hope this doesn’t mean autumn….

Until the sun will be nice enough to show us some love, I will be enjoying this time. I don’t know how, but I don’t mind these rainy days. If, before, I hated dark clouds, now I like staying at home, with a big cup of tea in my hands, discovering new fashion trends, listening to remixes or watching TV. Or even getting out or driving. I think I was missing the days when I can wear my cardigans and sweaters.

Outfit ideas
 Dress worn as shirt HERE
Leather Pants HERE
Boots HERE

3Dress HERE
Leggings HERE
Coat HERE 
Boots HERE

2Dress HERE
Boots HERE 
Clutch HERE


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