Make money from fashion with She in, Shine out

I think many of you already know about the Shein Publisher Program, the one that let the bloggers show our passion for fashion and earn money at the same time. If you are a fashion blogger too, how about joining it now?

First of all, if you’re a blogger, you have the possibility to choose from 2 collaboration methods:
1).By orders(10% commission per order).
2).By sign-ups(US$0.3 per sign-up).

Also, your articles will brinng you a lot of benefits. Just write quality posts, put in them all your inspiration and love for fashion. Because that what Sheinside mean: respect for buyers, love for fashion!

Every month, a new great promotion, with cloths on discount, is added. For example, this month great offer is:(click on the photo)

By writting an article about it, and by sharing all the links that represents the items you love, you have the chance to get a 15$ coupon, and acces to a lot of cloths in the sale category.

So keep in mind: Sharing is carrying! Let others know what you love, tell them about the joy that Sheinside brings!

My experience with this programe is a very happy one. They are very trustworthy, pay on time and periodically organise contests and giveaways, so there are always new chances to get money, points or cloths.

And who wouldn’t like a lovely dress or a brand new shirt, as long as Shein has thousands of cloths with unique design?  (click on the photos to go to the product)

1433474819947527235 14337570677249368301 1435823594555162127 1437033147043289974 1437459678313766236

So don’t hesitate,let’s get started! You will discover by yourself the benefits of Sheinside Publisher Program. You just have to begin  here.

For any others informations, you can ask me here. Or you can contact Shein on facebook or by mail. They are very prompt and ready to help you every time!


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