White is for summer days|| She in, Shine out

I don’t usually tend to categorize a colour by the seasons it is likely to wear it in. I do wear black in summer, and I reaaaaly enjoy it 😀 , I do go for bright colours, and I don’t even know why, but yes, I think white is such a lovely colour for summer!
I see my spring days in green and turquise, autumn in burgundy and  earth tones, and winter in mauve, black.. But summer.. summer is for white cloths!

I can’t get enough of them! In the latest days, I chose basic pieces, and even if I had a white tee, white tops, I considered it’s not enough. I just adore simple, ruffle tops; I think it’s so feminine and perfect for a hot day. White dresses? I don’t usually go for it, because my skin is so pale and I don’t think it’s complimenting me. But it doesn’t mean I can’t admire the beauties bellow.


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