#SheInTee: SheIn makes you a Fashion Designer!

This morning (actually it was 12am) I was just entering on SheIn, as always. I wanted to check the daily new items when my attention was captured by a beautiful, coloured image: #SHEINTEEcustom_tshirt

The idea is that, now, SheIn gives us the opportunity to be fashion designers and create our favourite T-shirt. I mean, how many times have you seen a great, inspiring picture or quote and wanted to find a tee with this print, to wear it and represent you? Or just had a great idea but couldn’t make it reality? Now it’s possible!

Everything is so simple. You just enter here, upload your image, select size and that’s all. Then all you have to do is to wait for your tee to be shipped.
The best advantages?
-the quality of the material:cotton
-You can select yor own size
-The print you use is unique, represents you. And you won’t have the same T-shirt as 1000 other people.
-It can be an awesome gift for the loved ones. You can choose the best messages or pictures for the best presents.

-Aaaand everything for only 2.99$ ! How incredible is that?!

my creations: PicMonkey Collage

Happy shoppings and great inspiration! 🙂
Btw, for those who still want something more colorful or with a more accentuate print, you can find a large selection of tops.The new promotion brings up to 45% off discounts! (click on the pictures)1404808830747291512 1430899353358459633 1435043524185659067edm_05

Set Your Closet On Fire!

Be Addicted To SheIn Fashion!

Take 30% OFF To 45% OFF!

30% OFF-35% OFF    Best Sellers

35% OFF-40% OFF    Most Popular

40% OFF-45% OFF    Further Reduction

Ends: July/16

here: Set Your Closet On Fire!


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