11 Dresses perfect for prom+ advices

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I know the prom season is over, but is never too early for the girls that will enjoy their fabulous night next year. I actually reccomend you to start looking for prom dresses with some seasons before the event, so this way you’ll be sure that you won’t have the unpleasant surprise of being dressed the same way as another girl.

So, last evening, with some hours before I had to go to a party, I was thinking that I could check SheIn dresses section. I daily check this site, to stay up to date with the newest fashion items, but I always discover something new and interesting. So I did yesterday. I also took a look on the jumpsuits page, but then I thought that prom night must be something unforgettable and you must have a stunning outfit, and a dress is the perfect choice for a girl that all the school years has been in jeans. So, rule no1: choose a dress that is stunning, impresive, and will make the others exclaim “Wow!”. white                   HERE                                   HERE                              HERE

However, what on others looks amazing, on you might not, and viceversa. So, if possible, try on the dress before buying it. If you’re buying online, like me, make sure the dress in the photo is real, and check 100 times the measurements. (That’s why I like SheIn, where I can see photos and impresions from the other girls). I usually, when I’m online shopping, buy cloths on bigger sizes. But for such an event, when I want to have a perfect look, I rather choose something that fits me exactly.

But don’t go for something you are not used with. You may like how a off-shoulders dress look, for example, but have you ever worn something like that before? Are you sure you’re not gonna feel uncomfortable with it? If you don’t use to wear a kind of dress, don’t really have it for such an event; you want to look good, but at the same time, feel comfortable all the night. Again, better try it before, to make sure everything is fine.BLUE HERE                             HERE                             HERE                        HERE

Choose something that represents you! Don’t buy it only because it looks good, or it’s in trend. If you like it and looks good on you, it doesn’t matter if it’s 100$ or 20$.
The most important thing may be to choose carefully the colour, one that compliments you and matches your skin tone and hair colour. For example, I don’t think a blonde with a fair skin would look good on white.

The length have to be medium or maxi , not mini, never-ever! After all, it’s a prom,with teachers too, so keep classy and appropiate for it. In addition, don’t choose something too sheer. An open back dress, something with cut-outs, yes, why not, but just don’t cross this fine line.

I personally reccomend to try something with beads, sequins, embroidery,lace,  or, at the other side, something simple, that can never go wrongbl  HERE                                 HERE                          HERE                       HERE

So, here’s the first article in the Prom Series section. I’m thinking to complete it with advices about shoes and how to have the perfect prom night tips. Sounds good? Everything will come in the future. What else you’d like to add? 🙂

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