Summer weekends are for fun

Shorts here
Top here
Jacket here
Braclet here
Watch here
These days I felt almost relaxing. These hot days of summer makes me feel happier, even though sometimes I think this heat is too much. I’ve started to listen more club music, to go out more, to think about how can I make this summer memorable. And, what new items can I add in my wardrobe.
I started to think at black as a great colour. Some months ago, I wouldn’t have even bought black cloths, but it seems that after I got  my first  LBD Dress ,  I changed the way I see this colour. In clubs I usually go for it, as I want to be the best dressed with the littlest efforts.

And the pieces I choosed for my next party follw this idea, but I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle. The leather will give me that ‘bad blood’ touch, the sequined top will express my desire for fun, the hat will keep that “chic-feminin” side of me, as the accesorises add a modern touch. Find the items here

Have a great weekend and have fun! 😉


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