Heat up your summer!


Sheinside invites you to get ready for summer in 5 easy steps! Recreate and add new fabulous items to your wardrobe with Sheinside! 5 weeks with promotions at different class of items and you’ll be gorgeous at the seaside! This week: HOT SHORTS!!
Get the items here: http://goo.gl/6N5gVo

With every single day that passes, we are closer to summer. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this kind of days so much… Sweaters, coats, boots..I can finally take them all out of my wardrobe and have some space for all the coloured tops, shorts, loose and cool cloths.
More than ever, this period I felt I need to improve my style, my wardrobe and I bought cloths more than ever. But I did it in a clever way, because Sheinside is now helping us to get ready for the summer in 5 weeks, in which we can prepare our cloths to look fabulous on our holiday and not only, but without loosing our personal style!

Not less that 189 pairs of shorts with different style, length or pattern are waiting for you! I couldn’t stop and choosed 5 pairs that I consider a must-have.


  Crochet Tassel Shorts


                                                   Embroidered Shorts1425538566939236485

Sequined Shorts1427268251448841733

                                                White lace Shorts1427355402089544990

                                                Geometric print Shorts

What do you choose? Have a look HERE

And to make everything even better, this is the perfect time to take advantage of this great offer. The offer that has just been updated is about 32%off with the code beauty32. Or spend 49$ and have a discount at shorts with the code short32.edm_05
Get Entangled In Beauty!

Summer Party Costumes For You! Date Not Wait!

Overall Take 32% OFF!


Ends:May/14 here: Get Entangled In Beauty!


5 thoughts on “Heat up your summer!

  1. T's Secrets says:

    revin cu updateul pentru uleiul anticearcan: da, are efect. Nu stiu daca te “vindeca” de riduri dar cred ca albeste cumva pielea din jurul ochilor asa ca aspectul intunecat care da impresia de cearcane/oboseala dispare. L-am folosit regulat cam o saptamana si s-au vazut efectele desi orele de somn tot le-am sarit. Singura chestie incomoda e ca te ustura ochii daca folosesti prea mult ulei sau chiar daca atingi cumva prea aproape de ochi asa ca e indicat sa-l folosesti inainte de culcare cand urmeaza o noapte cu “ochi inchisi” 😀 In rest, numai de bine. Multumesc de pont! 🙂


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