Never go out of style

Three days until Easter. Have you finished with the latest preparations? And..have you already think about the oufits you will wear?large

In Romania,as Christians, we use to give attention mostly to the spiritual side. The bunny may come, but not at the same impact as Santa. People tend to go to the church a whole week, in the evenings, and we start to feel the real approach of the celebration mostly from thursday, when religious ceremonies become more and more ample.  On saturday night, we go to the church to celebrate, literally, the Easter. We met there our friends and family, and crack red eggs. The ceremony last until the next morning, at 3 or 4 a.m. In the next days, we just relax, spend a lot of great time and enjoy the goodies that every housewives cook. So that’s, in little words, how Easter goes in our country and I can’t wait to enjoy every single tradition.  And I reccomend you to search about Romanian traditions, as we have so many and so beautful.

Aaand, we also have a tradition that says you have to wear something new on the Friday before Easter. So, what can we choose?

I see this dress perfect for a sunny day of spring, spending with our friends and relatives at a picnic or barbecue. Boho-chic, with a large hat, maybe some summer boots or high-sandals if the weather is sunny enough.1425533140909441622

For a more formal outfit, I choosed this beautiful floral dress, that is so bright and inspire me so much joy and brings me in a very good mood. If this is not perfect for Easter, then what can be? 🙂1402917180986286873

And, if you’re not very familiar with dresses but still want something different this Easter, this grey assimetric dress that can be worn with leather leggings, is a great option. The loose style is perfect for a casual modern look, when you just want to feel comfortable.1415777742788290481

Now, I’ll let you discover other dresses that will inspire you for the upcoming holiday. How do you celebrate Easter? No matter how, just enjoy it!

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