Shopping tips!

imagesThe main principle I am guiding of is “Always invest in high quality products!” It’s something with many benefits, from many points of view:of resistance, appearance, financially…Another one is :”If it’s really really too expensive and you (almost) can live without it -just try to be as rational as possible- just wait until the next season!” I know, maybe waiting is killing you, maybe you want that item now, but seasons finals bring the highest possibile sales!Sheinside is the best example! The new promotion this week is about 70% off, for items that will make us not to forget the winter and its incredible memories. Or, in another words, a clearance sale with great discounts at jackets/coats/cardigans/sweaters and other cozy items.

Here, the weather is still tricky; one day is sunny, 2 others cloudy, it rains and the forecast announce…snowing?? Honestly, I hope not, but until next winter I wan’t to be prepared with the warmest cloths possible, and what more appropiate moment that this one, when a coat is reduced with 70%?!

*click the pictures for prices,details and pictures of the product*

A Cape it’s such an elegant, chic and innovative item! I totally see myself in something like that, as I’ve never tried one, and it’s a great option to stand out from the crowd in a cold day. And from 191$ to 86$?!…1352359726025175193

This outwear perfectly represents my vision for a well-done layering-the key to keep warm in the winter. A customer said she had ordered 2 and that it looks even better than in the picture! Well, I can believe that1412836823396391603

Of course I couldn’t miss a beautiful Camel Coat and choosed this one. Ellegance, femininity and warmth.Easy to match, versatile and a must-have! It also comes in a navy colour, but if you want to make an idea about how it looks, just check the gallery by clicking on the picture.1380963463607292915

So, what are your choises for this clearance season? Don’t miss it!1427428005619844827

Winter apparels sale!

Do not forget the happy memory of Winter!

Up to 70% off ! Seize the chance!

Ends on Apr/3. here: Winter apparels sale!


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