Wine, burgundy, marsala?


I felt in love with this colour years before it was declared the colour of the year. I find it so romantic, fresh, modern, elegant and sophisticated. But I guess, the main reason why I like it so much, is that it’s a colour that really ‘fits’ me, that emphasis the colour of my hair and my light toned skin.
But what I want to highlight in this post, is the versatility and how easiliy the same colour is perfect for a boho-chic/bussines or a preppy-kinda outfit.

Vintage takes it back!
And we like it! It’s all about that simple look, that have such a great impact with his simplicity. The feminine lace gives that romatic look, but it is still comfy and effortless-chic. A hat, some boots, and the look is ready!o1

Dress here                                                                Boots here

Achiving an elegant-sophisticated look have never been that easy! With this dress! The ‘wow’ effect is created by the front split, which is the unique element, the one that makes this dress so special. I would see it with some heel-boots, a long black blazer and some sunglasses. For those who want to seem like a true bussines woman, add a coffe,  a big bag in one hand ,and some documents in the other 🙂o2

Dress here || Bag here || Shoes here || Blazer here

And the final look is the preppy one. I still don’t know if this is the best word I would think about, but what inspired me was shirt aspect of the top. I see it perfect for a college day, or only for a walk, enjoying the sun and making the world better with your chic cloths. (blink)
On the site, HERE, I’ve seen girls wearing it with black tights and I think it’s a great option for those with a light skin, as a too visible contrast between the dress and the legs wouldn’t be nice.o3

Dress here   || Cardigan here  || Lace Boots here

All in all, I couldn’t choose only three pieces, so here are my other options.PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage1

Dresses here

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