Love, love,love/ 4 items I.Need.Right.Now

The items I’m in love with right now, a special link with cloths on great sales and a great opportunity!

I am a girl. I have an obsession with cloths. I desperately need a bigger wardrobe. I see every single day something that I really like and I think my life would be impossible without it. I think I need a variaty of cloths, more and more, all different (and let’s understand something: if it has the same print but a  different colour, is different, ok?!). Did I wrote engough reasons to tell you why I need these 4 items?

A plaid scarf1415603586005799804
PlaidScarvesAnd that’s a pretty interesting story. I think I have like..ok, let me think..20 or something scarves. But none of them is plaid! None! So you understand me why I need one like this. Plus, have you seen how many beautiful combinations can you make with such an item? I love a simple coat, matched with a coloured scarf and skinny jeans.

Or ripped skinny jeans!1410417925783367505 jn13Brippeddenimjeanscelebritystylecopy
I only have one pair of ripped jeans (you can see it here), and they are addictive. If you have a pair like this, you understand. If not, then buy one, and I’m sorry I give you such an advice, as it hard to stop after only one pair.

Ok, we have  a pair of jeans, a scraf, what else? How about a Cardigan-Sweater?1351671202151453976
That would look great between my cardigans.I love that it can be worn in two different styles, so you can easily achieve 2 looks with only one item. And you know how much I love the versatility at cloths! (click on the picture to see how it looks in different outfits)

But I couldn’t get enough, and I’ve found this gorgeous jumpsuit! 1403244604324220272Feminine, chic, and perfect for a barbie outfit, I think. Oh, and can you imagine how would it look on summer, with a tanned skin?!

And guess what? I didn’t even finished to write some words about these items, when I’ve found this link. The “wow” element is that every 2 days, the page is updated with special offers for certain items. There are sales from 110$ to 67, for example. Right now, the special deal is a beautiful pink lace dress, with an open back and a bodycon shape, reduced from 22$ to only 9.9! But hurry up, the deal is ending in less than 10 hours! If you can’t buy it right now, don’t worry, more cloths will be added in the following days.

And now, the great opportunity I was talking about. Remember this article? I totally reccomend you to try this program! The advantages are unlimited and you get a recompensation for your love for fashion. Don’t forget that you can begin anytime you want, by clicking here.

What are your top favourite items this month?


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