My green addiction

large (1)You got me, I love green. I love when the snow is finally melting, and the bright green of the grass appears. I am obsessed with salads, especially green salads. I love when I’m looking at my hands, or in the mirror, and my whole attention is captured by emerald green accesorises. I’ve always wanted to have green eyes. And I love wearing green cloths, a colour that I believe it really fit me beautifully. Did I say ‘green cloths’?

I just love this dress. It’s green, it’s shinny and it has a very beautiful style. The long sleeves and the V neck, complete the look, and make it elegant but still very modern and feminine. I actually have it in my wardrobe. It’s a perfect piece for an unforgettable party! And, btw, have you seen how it looks with black tights? (just click on the picture)1415260680090821032

This one is by far a good choice for a very elegant look. Who said that long maxi dresses should only be red or black? I really like its versatility, just click on the photo and you will se how it can be styled, never the same.1418282577615893399

I’ve never wore a maxi skirt, just because I’ve always been skeptical about how the length would look on me. However, I just love this skirt! The material inspire me power and attitude and it would be perfect with a stripped top, or a T-shirt.1387177684825342801

Talking about T-shirts, this one make me thing at a very casual outfit, something that I would wear when I’m super-busy and want to achieve an effortless-modern look. Something not too girly, maybe matched with skinny jeans and a super messy bun.And I’m a geek in fashion!1397031877984911630

In the beggining of the article, I was talking about green accesorise. I think that pair of earings express perfectly my vision about them. A royal look!1371631205560623591

* For many of you, green means luck, and luck means St Patrick’s day. I don’t celebrate this, but I do enjoy the great promotions. An you can too. For an order worthing 49$ or more, beside free shipping, you will be able to select a free item. It ends on 17 march, so better hurry up! Just click on the picture bellow, or HERE.1425871035459394867


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