the tassel sweater

This is the item that captured my attention this week. Reccently added to the huge collection of cloths form here, I believe that’s that kind of sweater you’d like to wear when you don’t have any others ideas in the morning, you’re already late and that’s the easiest solution, or rather that kind of sweater you’d love to match in unique, glamourous combination, in what define your style. That being said, I think it is definitely a huge ‘investition’, as is so versatile, it is great for an ordinary day, matched with some jeans and boots, or even for a more formal outfit, with a skirt and some glam accesories.
albTassel Geometric Print Sweater || Assimetrical shorts(woolen) || black jeans || Ripped jeans || Pencil Pants
What do you think about my combinations? Let me know! 🙂
Btw, I can’t not share with you an incredible offer, and as I am constantly follow the latest promotions, I am sure that this one is by far the best. 40% discount on everything,  click HERE or on the picture bellow:


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