How NOT to: printed beanies (!)

Now, that I started this article, I am thinking that I’ve always had a problem with the beanies. Personally, I don’t really like how it fits me, my face, but I don’t avoid it in winter, or whenever outsite it’s cold. I don’t like when my hair looks like a total mess when I’m taking off my beanie, but we should admit that it represents a good alternative, a saving solution when we have a bad hair day.

I don’t reccomend you to “accidentally forget” your beanie home. When it’s cold outside, you have to consider your knitted hat as a must have! All yo have to take care of, is what kind of beanie you should chose. You can have a fabulous outfit but mess everything with a horrible hat or you can control the both sides very easily.

I don’t know about you, but I this winter I saw sooo many ugly, horrible, odious beanies in my city… Girls, I am soo disappointed that you run in the first shop you see and buy every kind of hat, with the most obvious print, without any significance, just because it captures all the attention… That’s sad 😦 It’s even worse that you lose even your last gramme of personal style and individuality, to be just like everyone else. It’s like an awful competition, in wich you’re trying to have the beanie that attracts all the eyes. I understand even the fact that you think this is your way to take an outfit out of ordinary, and yeah..this is the result. Your outfit is like no other, like you’re at your home, trying to sleep, or like you’re trying to hide there your most horrible things.

Dears, why, why, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE UNDER THAT UGLY BEANIE WITH A MESSAE LIKE:”YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US”,”BAD HAIR DAY”- you don’t even need to explain this to us, it’s obvious and if your day is as bad as your beanie..I’m so sorry..-“DOPE”, “GEEK”,”HOMMIES”? Is that, the word wrote there, what really represents you? I don’t think so, or, at least, I hope not. Wanna hear something even worse? In Romania, it’s a brand that sels T-shirts, hats, beanies etc.. with the inscription “porc”=”pig”. I saw soo many beautiful girls, with big bright eyes trying to shine under the inscription of that word. Again, are you a pig? that represents you? You like pigs that much that it’s impossible to stop thinking about them, even when you’re out, or in your way to school? The worst part is that they think all of this is “so funny and cool and unique, and we’re like the hottest here, if we’re wearing this stupid things”. Sometimes I feel that the producers of that things are looking for  a way to make fun of people. Seriously! These beanies looks so cheap, maybe because they are(not actuallt the one with “pig”. that’s like 15 euros. I mean whaat? I would never ever pay that money on..nevermind..), and doesn’t transmit me any kind of message. Maybe that you’re too obsesed with attention and looking for a way to have it. Or that you have no style. Especially this.PicMonkey Collage

*pictures were found after a web search 

It’s easy to realise in what class you are, after you read the message and the ‘beautiful words that goes to your soul’ over there..PicMonkey Collage

In the following days, I’ll show you my vision for ‘how to style a beanie’. And hope that, until next time, you’ll think twice before you take that beanie. Not because you’re listening my advice, but maybe you realise how awful is to wear it…


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