Fall in love this Valentine

Not even february, and people have already started to talk about Valentine’s day. It seems this is the most important celebration this month. And, being serious, I’ve always thought it’s better to prepare yourself with some time before the event, in order to be sure that your appearance will be unforgettable.

So, I thought of a perfect combination this Valentine. Of course, red is the colour I coulnd’t stop thinking of. Red dress, high heel, silver accesorises. That’s how my lovely outfit for Valentine’s looks. I choosed a bright red dress, not very short, with a lovely open back, and I looked for the most appropiate shoes and accesorises. Because every outfit can be totally changed with the right pops of silver!PicMonkey Collage

imagesIf you’re in search for the perfect Valentine’s outfit, I reccomend you to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose your lovely dress, perfect for a date.
  2. Add some chic heels, spring inspired.
  3. Add your personal style, with glamorous necklaces, rings,braclets,hair accesorises and everything you want!

And if you’re wondering where I found all that beautiful itmes, that’s the place!

..And, don’t miss the great offers this month! I won’t! 😉v

Valtine’s Day Sale!

Valtine’s Day is coming,come and get your sexy look!

Extra US$8 Discount Over US$55 Code:valentine8

Extra US$18 Discount Over US$115 Code:valentine18

Ends:Feb/14 here: Valtine’s Day Sale!


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