Opportunities everywhere!

Are you a fashion blogger?Do you have your own website/blog?If the answer of these questions is yes,how about joining SheInside Publisher Program and get high commission? Wanna know more?Sounds good right? 😉

Why is Sheinside so special? As I told you in another post, I am a Sheinside lover! So let me tell you the opportunities that Sheinside offers you!

Sheinside has a lot of programs whose purpose is to bring you the best qualities of cloths, the newest colections and a lot of happiness 🙂 Today I will tell you about the Sheinside Publisher Program.

First of all, if you’re a blogger, you have the possibility to choose from 2 collaboration methods:
1).By orders(10% commission per order).
2).By sign-ups(US$0.3 per sign-up).

Also, your articles will brinng you a lot of benefits. Just write quality posts, put in them all your inspiration and love for fashion. Because that what Sheinside mean: respect for buyers, love for fashion!

Every month, a new great promotion is added. For example, this month great offer is: (CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ACCES THE SPECIAL COUPON)


By writting an article about it, and by sharing all the links that represents the items you love, you have the chance to get a 15$ coupon, and acces to a lot of cloths in the sale category.

So keep in mind: Sharing is carrying! Let others know what you love, tell them about the joy that Sheinside brings!
That’s what I am doing for you guys, sharing with you all this lovely cloths! Oh and btw, have you seen this incredible T-shirt? I mean, how perfect is?! I don’t usually like tee’s that are printed with names, but this is one of my favourite band, so yeah..I guess I know why I want it so bad. (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO GO TO THE ITEMS PAGE)1422001403329032951

How about this gorgeous dress? Classy, elegant, feminine, with a crop back, but without showing too much, a perfect shade of burgundy..1419919892451590905

Or maybe your stryle express a rock attitude. Leather, ‘black is the new black’..am I wrong? Then I reccomend you this jumpsuit. Lovely, huh?!1395909773495724138

So don’t hesitate,let’s get started! You will discover by yourself the benefits of Sheinside Publisher Program. You just have to begin  here.

For any others informations, you can ask me here. Or you can contact Sheinside on facebook or by mail. They are very prompt and ready to help you every time!


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