The golden hour


Yesterday I posted a sneak peek about some themes I’m gonna talk about in the near future. And here I am right now, writting about the first subject, an event that brought all eyes on stars and designers. Yes, you guess it! It about The Golden Globes 2015!

The 72nd Globe Awards edition was broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel inBeverly Hills, California, last sunday.As we all got used to, it was a very fastuous event, and we couldn’t miss celebrities appearances.

Joanne Froggatt,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Gina Rodriguez,Ruth Wilson were some of the winners of the night. A lucky one for them, I would say. And the pictures says everything:))72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room (11) Gina Rodriguez

1421029938-7a9799bb1478bbde0702e69ae6b1410c-1038x576What I really liked about anyone at the ceremony, was the simple style. Again, celebrities showed us that simplicity is everything,and we can see that also in their make-up and hairstyle. A simple ponytail,only a casual look, maybe a bun,but everything done with proficiency.

1421091150_katie-holmes-hair-467 Felicity-Jones-at-the-Golden-Globes-with-hair-up-551567



And yes, details are everything! J.Lo proves it. Of course I can’t ignore the fashion side, which is the most important! So here we are. The color of Golden Globes 2015?

Would it be red?Yellow?White?Blue?Maybe  metalic?aba  And have you noticed the belts? yes, on a dress like that!m10931269_1029430300407368_7475966167422014515_n Oh and the diamonds!


All in all, all the respect for Lorena Sarbu and Lucia Maria Hohan, 2 designers from Romania, that had the luck and the tallent to have their creations wored by stars on the red carpet. By far, my favourite is the one wored by Greer Grammer.Royal,right?



Kisses! and have a fashionable week!



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