Originality? I think I heard about that somewhere..(part1)

large (1)   Do you know that kind of picture, in which a girl is showing like, a half of her face-mostly the eyes, because she is putting her hands at the mouth? Oh and she is wearing a sweater-that’s very important! I’m sure you know.. Mostly on winter time, that kind of pictures are everywhere. Facebook, Instagram.. and everywhere you can put a picture with filters and edits.

Ok, you saw a picture at someone. You liked it. So much that now you are sure you HAVE to have another one just like that one. I wouldn’t mind, but when this is getting serious and when almost everyone in your friend list has a picture like that..umm, you know.. you kinda start to have that feeling.. how it’s called? The-moment-when-you-feel-like-you-want-to-delete-a-half-of-your-friend-list?

It’s ok to get inspired, everyone do this! But, as everything has a limit, this has one too..And I think when you see so many identical pictures, at different persons, it’s kinda unplesant. Just saying..

I believe in originality, in the fact that people haven’t totally lost their imagination. Just be yourself(the others are already taken).  What do you think?


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