Try to associate the word”prom” with other ones.”Special makeup”,”fabulous dress”,”unique”,in a word, perfection. Why? Because  this is your prom night and it’s happen once in your life.Every girl want to look amazing and make this night unforgettable.And finding the perefect dress is proving to be the hardest choice you have ever made,of course talking about fashion.

Apart from the fact that we all want to shine, to impress everyone, to have the greatest outfit ever,the dress you choose should definitely reflect your personality.Next,i will try to show you some of my ideas and to give you a piece of advice,in order to make your choice easier.

Before buying any dress,think about what you want to highlight and want you need to “hide”.Considering your teen spirit,I would rather advise you to choose something like a medium bright dress, but a nude /unicolour one is always a good idea.Always keep in mind that your purpouse is to find the best dress ever so why choose something ordinary?

Want to look taller?A long dress is a great choise!Choose a tight one to accentuate your waist and the length effect.Sequins dresses have been up  last year but are a great appearance for an unforgettable night. Try a dress with lace applications for a more elegant look.





A bright coloured dress will always make you stand out.Add a beautifully decorated corset and you won’t even need to worry about a necklace.And if you want a really memorable dress, than this fab red dress is exactly what are you looking for.24

If you would describe yourself as an ellegant, styled person I totally reccomend you something like this.It amazing how a simple dress can make you look so gorgeous.And as we all know,the littlest details make the greatest difference.These dresses prove this extremly well.A little bit of lace,some gems insertions and an unique back style have the        power to change a whole look and mait it “wow”.

10 11

ba  But not only a long dress can make you look amazing.The one bellow(with the sequin corset) is definetly one of my favourites,but I would rather prefer it shorter,a knee length dress. Simple but special!

















And, talking about my preferences,I found this image which I believe is a great inspiration! How lovely would be a lace short/medium dress with some gold applications and a detachable train?! It’s like a 2in1 dress:you got a glamorous look that you can immediately change in a dress perfect for a dance lover or for someone that doesn’t want to take too much care all night, because looking absoutely fabulous is the main concern.


All that being said,here are some of my ideas for a perfect night.Remember to be very carefully with the smallest details, including makeup and accesories.And no matter what, have a great night!

P.S.:I would be very happy to recieve your opinions.Tell me what would you like to read next.And don’t forget to tell me what are your choices for prom dresses. You can find the most dresses on ,if you are interested let me know and I’ll give you the links.


XOXO and don’t forget to Stay gold!



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